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Luxury residential address of 27 in Istanbul

Effects of global crisis itself in every sector in our country while in the luxury residential sector, these effects are not felt as much as others. The high demand for luxury housing projects with prices up to $ 2-2.5 million in the residence or housing project almost like cheese bread are sold.

Today, only the private sector in Istanbul TOKI and maintain his or projects under construction which houses around 250 thousand there. These are some of the middle and lower income groups for housing. But the real attention is the huge explosion in luxury residential construction. Moreover, in the marketing of these projects do not have much trouble. Value of up to 13 thousand 500 dollars in the session that the majority of the housing project began. In the construction of a portion on the one hand, other hand, sales are continuing.
Construction phase are being sold in

According to the research finds that housing prices trillion more is bought by enthusiasts at construction stage. Competing with each other in all kinds of this type of luxury residential projects under construction is thought to AZ every need. The vast majority of these projects in the swimming pool, sauna, heliport, limousine service, as well as many privileges, even golf courses can take place.
Most expensive in Istanbul

The results of the survey of Turkey’s most expensive housing project located in Istanbul shows. Istanbul’s most expensive housing is more concentrated in Sisli and Besiktas is the case, these two new projects in the region in the prices of apartments will find million dollars.
Sapphire will spearhead

Istanbul is currently head of the most expensive ultra-luxury housing project built in the cellar, Levent Group consists of 64 times that of the Istanbul Sapphire draws. The price of the apartments in the project on the basis of square meters, starting at $ 7 thousand and 13 thousand to $ 500 depending on location can be up.
Trump Towers Istanbul-Sisli

Mainly in the United States, Honolulu, Dubai, Panama City as the world’s major centers for investment in luxury at the Trump signature, the first step to Europe, Dogan family, the Trump Organization and a joint project with the Green Building built in Istanbul Sisli and at the Trump Towers is. Trump Towers Istanbul-Sisli, offices and sales offices in the coming days by opening the case a campaign is getting ready to go on sale. One residence, one office tower which has been projected as a rough construction of the exterior cladding finished and starts to be inserted at the beginning of 2011 to be delivered to the residence towers are targeted. In this project, 40 thousand 936 square meters will be spread over 5 floors in the shopping center complex will have 185 stores. Trump Towers Istanbul-Sisli’s architectural project was prepared by Brigitte Weber Architects. In this project, 102 apartments ranging from 650 square meters has options. Options starting from 400 square feet office and goes up to 2 thousand square meters. One office, the other two towers are designed as a residence and a large shopping center will consist of the construction of Trump Towers’in Taşyapı running. Built on an area of 23 thousand square meter-long project with a specific concept, as the rising of the Trump Towers Istanbul-Sisli, was completed in 2010 is planned to be put into service.

Levent Loft 1

Real Estate Investment Trust by Akfen implement the Levent Loft de l’unit and 144 unit has 21 different apartment alternative. Architectural concept and details of projects carried out by the project Tabanlıoğlu Architecture in Istanbul, as the central business area is located in the developing Maslak-Levent axis.

Levent Loft Garden

Real Estate Investment Trust Holding Akfen and Stars by Scott Construction of 2 thousand 100 square meters area at Levent Levent Loft life spent in the garden project has 82 flats. Levent Loft in Gardens, size between 100 square meters with 210 square meters is located in 16 different housing options. Prices start at $ 550 thousand in the project that goes up to 1 million 700 thousand dollars. Architectural concept and details of projects carried out by the project Tabanlıoğlu Architecture in Istanbul, as a growing center of business in the Maslak-Levent axle is being built. In August 2007 with construction beginning in September of 2009 the Levent Loft in Gardens are targeted to be delivered. A 22-storey blocks with a single project, covering the throat and a panoramic view of the city also has a broad view of Istanbul.

Istanbul Sapphire

REIT investment performed in the cellar, Levent Sapphire, ongoing construction projects, the most expensive ones. Residential and shopping center built as apartments in the project were offered for sale. Sale price on the basis of square meters of office Sapphire 7 thousand dollars and 13 thousand 500 dollars in change. The project investment cost of 200 million dollars, 158 thousand square meters is being built on an area. Consists of 261 meters and 64 floors Sapphire Istanbul. A total of 22 different types of residences, apartment 174, where the size of the apartments Sapphire ranges between 120 and bin 100 square meters. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2009. Close to 30 percent energy savings by ensuring Istanbul Sapphire, an environmentally friendly skyscraper will be created. Turkey’s highest golf training field will be the Istanbul Sapphire. Project at a height of 30 meters, pooling together the thinking of all the details is available in the sports complex. Recreation area located in the 150-square-meter pool as well as jacuzzis, the massage rooms, saunas, sunbathing area and the rest, fitness, GYM area with cardio and pilates, yoga and dance studio applications can be made also take place.
Almond Hill

Almond Hill performs in the construction Taşyapı’nın Acıbadem price per square meter as in between projects are expensive. 8 floors consisting of 33 blocks of 710 apartments in Almond Hill is located. In a project with 82 apartments of 240 square meters in size is changing. Past in May of apartments delivered, price per square meter of apartments in the project on the 4 thousand ranges between 600 to 5 thousand 200 dollars. The project was delivered in June 2008 and the session began.
Anthill Residence

The construction started in May 2008 Ant Yapi-Golden Horn, the Bosphorus-Marmara view of 5 +1′ e Ahthill Residence’de 1 +1 up to 280 thousand dollars with alternative apartments prices vary from 1 million 373 thousand dollars. Two 54-storey tower built in the project are between 40 and 5 floor apartment features a loft apartments are specially priced according. The apartments are planned to be delivered on August 30, 2010. Total of 804 apartments will take place Anthill Residence’de children’s playground, fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, restaurant, cafe, meeting rooms, steam room, squash, outdoor-indoor sports fields, indoor skiing rink, mini golf, basketball and volleyball courts, children’s games will include social facilities such as clubs.

Aqua City 2010

Sinpaş Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT Sinpaş), Istanbul Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010 with the vision developed by Aqua City did start. Çekmeköy Region, Sile Motorway aka Aqua City is projected in 2010’la Istanbul’s center, a privileged life on the edge of the lake area is being created. The project is expected to be completed 30 months. Aqua City 2010 project’s first stage has been offered for sale as of April 4, 2009. Aqua City in 2010, houses, names of ancient water and life on the edge of established Anadolu’sunda continued to receive from civilization. Lycia and Phrygia Kayra Aqua City Homes is reinterpreted in 2010 with modern architecture. 1 + 1 to 4 + 1 with the option up to 64 different apartment houses consist of a total 118 thousand on the project that houses the main living areas all year round green landscape created by the private garden located inside the lake to look inside. Involved in the project area, 1 +1 house 115 thousand and 208 thousand liras, 2 +1 houses 195 thousand to 304 thousand liras, 3 +1 houses 254 thousand to 526 thousand liras, 4 +1 houses the 432 thousand to 798 thousand liras prices between were offered for sale.
Kempinski Bellevue Residences by

Astaş Construction and Real Estate in partnership with Remag built and will be operated by Kempinski Bellevue Residences by the Kempinski size 226 square meters with about 414 square meters in residences, 1 million and 2 million 200 thousand Euro prices ranging from being sold. Built at the entrance Etiler by Kempinski Bellevue Residences, living space was planned as a seven star. Project deliveries were made in the apartment. Total of 64 apartments located by the Kempinski Bellevue Residences, 7 thousand square meters and 2 on the 22-story tower consists of. Project has been completed and the session began.
Bosphorus City

Sinpaş REIT, Turkey’s first residential project, which is themed with the world-famous Istanbul Strait Bosphorus City beauty and traditional architecture with modern interpretation, the other districts of Istanbul, which is a Küçükçekmece-Ring brings to. 26 thousand square meters in size in the project, 720 meters long and the Bosphorus, the famous Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Ortakoy Square, Beylerbeyi, Kanlica and Yenikoy many district and the Bosphorus strait and square Overlooking luxury housing is located. Bosphorus City is located in a different type of residential architecture 63. Varying in the range of 68 to 645 square meters of housing in the Mansion of the project, Saraybahçe Houses, and Waterside Apartments is located Yeditepe Towers. House prices in the project to 2 million 206 thousand 451 thousand 632 thousand 644 TL in is changing.

Canan Residence

Construction Projects by Canan 12 thousand 600 square meters in Atasehir Şerifali neighbors is being built on land. Canan Residence consists of 3 blocks and 260 residences. Areas of gross ranging between 68 and 195 square meters of housing 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 +1 and 4 +1 is made in the form. Apart from this project, Gross 393, 471 and 450 square meters consisting of three loft-style apartment is located. Prices of apartment size and location Canan Residence’de according to ranges between 281 thousand to 841 thousand liras. Loft apartments in the project is 2 million 150 thousand to 2 million 365 thousand TL in the range are sold. In April 2007, started construction of the project is planned to be completed in December 2009. Canan Residence basketball and volleyball courts, indoor sports hall, tennis courts, billiards and table tennis venues, multi-purpose fitness center, sauna, massage and relaxation lounges, indoor and outdoor children’s play areas, cafe-bars and restaurants are also included. Only 2 thousand square meters of total area allocated to housing in the residence, and the remaining 10 thousand square meters of green areas and social facilities are.

Dilman Towers

Which is one of the most prestigious building projects technical Dilman Towers, Istanbul Erenköy Baghdad is located at a distance of 200 meters to the street. Modern life in the city with all facilities and comfort Dilman Towers, was built on 12 acres of land. Positioned just to the two-acre and 27-story tower 90 meters high consisting of two towers, one of Dilman Towers’daki the helipad on the terrace, the other in the Marmara Sea, on islands and peninsulas reveal the eyes of the jacuzzi, bar and restaurant is located. In this project, 250 square meter apartment is located a total of 104. In 2006 the project began construction in December 2008 has been delivered. The price of the apartments in a project about 4 thousand square meters will start from 500 euros.

Dragos Royal Towers

Construction began construction of DAP Dragos’ta Kartal Dragos Royal Towers’ta, apartment prices start from 400 thousand lira, goes up to 1 million 566 thousand liras. Project size ranging from 88 square meters with 299 square meters, 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 +1 and 4 +1 apartment options are available. 48 months without payment and maturity difference Peşinatsız facilities for the apartments sold between January 2010 to pay a 10 per cent is required. Planned to be completed in October 2010 Dragos Royal Towers, consists of 4 blocks of 212 apartments. Architectural project prepared by the Dap Yapı project’s architectural department in recent years, world jet – set’inin favorite with similar projects in Dubai tower is remarkable. Designed to be worn outside of the ultraviolet binan glass fronts, and a lifestyle away from the walls of apartment residents promises, as well as the site of Marmara and the islands seeks to make better use of the landscape.

Elysium Cool

Construction of 7 thousand 100 square meters of land in Independence Ofton built on the Elysium Cool, 5 blocks consists of a total of 210 apartments. Currently there are just the last 8 apartments remaining. This size and selling price of the apartment, said: “One piece 106 square meters (2 +1) 293 thousand dollars. One 177 square meters in size terrace duplex apartment. two 216 square meters, two 212 square meters, two 231 square meter apartments available. The price of apartments varies between 293 -520 thousand dollars. The project has been completed and are waiting for residential owners.
Elysium Suites

The transformation project spearheaded Sisli Bomonti performs the Ofton Construction, now face returned to Taksim. Ofton, Taksim located in the Andromeda disco in place of the former consists of 150 suites to the 21-storey apartment project start Taksim Suites Elysium said. 45 million dollars and 70 million dollars turnover expected malolması targeted in the project, in which sales prices of apartments starting at $ 392 thousand, according to its position goes up to 1 million 252 thousand dollars. 5-star hotel in Taksim Suites Elysium project conditions of service will be available 24 hours a residence. The operating company to perform the German Residence HSG.

Flora Residence

STC Construction’s investment comes to mind most expensive project undertaken in the Flora Residence Kozyatağı. The first seven times the planned project as a 33-storey office consists of 368 apartments. In 2006, construction started in December 2009 the project is planned to be completed. Flora Residence’de 68, 77 and 78 square meter apartment in the range of 1 +1 and 2 +1 3 +1 flats between 130-145 square feet are. Average of 5 thousand square meters of apartment prices around $ 500. In this project, tennis courts, golf course, such areas are found.
Kempinski Residences Astoria

Esentepe-built Zincirlikuyu’nda the price of Kempinski Astoria Recidences height and its comfort is remarkable. Storey building consisting of two towers 27’şer meters 48’er includes Europe’s highest twin atriumları. 110 is located within the five-storey shop Astoria’nın shopping center there. Astaş conducted by real estate project, consists of 160 residences. According to the price of square meter of housing location and landscape between 8 and 10 thousand dollars. The size varies between 111 square meters with 314 square meters. All of the housing project is sold. Kempinski Residences Astoria’dan home of the famous names from the former prime minister, Tansu Ciller, former chairman Metin Aşık Fenerbahçe, Mustafa Sandal, Clothing, owner of Kiğılı Kiğılı and between Abdullah Mehmet Ali Erbil, Seda Sayan’s also that many artists have.


Istanbul by Samandira Sinpaş REIT, March 2007, construction started on the project, total of 178 thousand square meters in area, 4 stages and 515 residences consisting of the terrace garden homes, garden homes and detached villas with a choice of a brand new living space is offered. Consisting of 29 giant lagoon Lagoon Project has a total area of 35 thousand square meters of water. In lagoons, lakes and different concepts in Zen Club has been designed 29. Lagoon Hotel in a house Residance in the comfort of the hotel for those who want to live any kind of possibilities were considered, the lagoon’s original architectural design standards which will not call a boutique hotel. Lagoon people, Wellness & SPA center will be able to benefit from. A lake in the name of each flower fields Anemon, Mimosa, Lotus, Iris and Lilies in the homes of different housing options are square. Involved in the project area has a size of 209 to 749 square meters of housing prices to 2 million 501 thousand 900 thousand liras ranging between 315 thousand to 250 liras.
L’ist İstinye Suites

Developed by the Group and Merrill Lynch GPI Krea led by 14 investors comprising Bosphorus Real Estate Investment Fund (BREF) as investors began selling the Suites’in İstinye L’ist. Total of 150 which L’ist suiteten İstinye Suites, to be built on an area of 28 thousand square meters. 5 floors, 14 blocks on the project suites, 2 +1′ up of 5 +1′ ranging between 130 and 316 square meter garden, roof and mezzanine floor of duplex units are made up of normal. In this project, depending on the price of the apartments start from 450 thousand euros and goes up to 1 million 500 thousand euros. Project will be delivered in March 2010.


Construction of Taşyapı Maslak, built in 33 or 34 storeys above the 110-acre site consists of 10 blocks will Mashattan’da, 9 different types of apartments is located at 810 thousand. In this project, 110 acres of natural habitat is being generated. All white goods with the exception of washing machines to be delivered in the apartment, heating, cooling and ventilation operations to be performed with an automated system. 2 blocks of flats in the delivery involved in the project area and started with 85 sizes ranging between 340 square meters and 450 thousand dollars at list prices of the apartments and 2 million 800 thousand dollars in change. 100 apartments were delivered to its owners. Until the end of May 2009 will be delivered in the other apartment.
Novus Residence

Revenue-sharing model with Property REIT in Ataköy Taşyapı’nın carried out by Novus Residence consists of 285 apartments. In this project, 52’i per cent of apartments are sold. In this project, size, starting from 53 square meters and 377 square feet going up, 1 +1′ den 4 +1′ s option up to 65 types of apartments. The price of this apartment is 340 thousand liras, starting from 3 million 400 thousand TL and goes up. Starting at the end of 2006 was delivered to its owners Novus’ta apartments.
Palladium Residence

While Koz Construction, Tahincioglu Holding Group’s joint venture Gençoğlu Nora Building and the Palladium 27-storey block and one glass spheres in the form of a residence building consists of two shopping centers. Palladium Residence, 167 and 525 square meters with 92 apartments consisting of size 3 +1′ than 5 +1′ Palladium Residence’de option includes up to 4 types of apartments. Delivery of the apartments in the project past residence as of January began with. Most sold only three that remain are obtained from office. The remaining apartments, the average square meter price is 3 thousand 900 dollars.

Polat Macka

In the heart of Istanbul, the former Istanbul Macka district life in a new window opens. Signature and the Istanbul Polat Construction greet past year started to build Polat Macka, overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul has conquered the hearts of lovers. 460 and 480 square-meter penthouse, 275 square meter floor duplex and 220, 230 and 250 square meters to a total of 14 apartments consisting of normal of the project is planned to be completed in August next. offering options and indoor parking facilities, this very special project, quality, comfort and the Bosphorus from the owners who can not stop looking.

Selenium City

Construction’s 11 acres of land in Etiler Aşçıoğlu built on the Selenium City, consists of 6 blocks of 68 apartments. In this project, the size of the apartments start from 169 square feet and goes up to 276 square feet. Prices in the project of 1 million 352 thousand to 2 million 210 thousand TL in is changing. The total project cost of sales, 80 million lira. So far in the project of 59 houses were reported sold.

Selenium Panorama

Selenium Panorama Project is located in the Civil Aşçıoğlu Gayrettepe 3.5 acres of land on the 23-storey block in the form of a single residence is being built. Glass façade of the project was intended to be longitudinally. In this project, 82 apartments is located. In this project the size of the apartments ranges between 80 and 476 square meters. (2 +1) 158 square feet, and (4 +1) 476 square meter duplex Penthouse apartment prices vary between 790 thousand to 5 million dollars is. This project is a first in Turkey in spite of residence, each apartment overlooking the Bosphorus, private landscaped terrace is available. Project life began.
Terrace Fulya

Believe that the building of Terrace Construction in Fulya sizes ranging from 58 to 335 square meters apartment unit price of 5 thousand square meters varies between 500 to 6 thousand dollars. Terrace Fulya, Life Blocks to Center and consists of two parts. Center Block 16, and 17-storey building with two residences feature, Life Blocks are composed of eight-storey building 5. The project includes a total of 268 residential units. Designed separately for each block of social facilities indoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, Finnish bath, nursery dry cleaning, hairdresser, billiards, hobby room, cafe, restaurant, multi-purpose hall is located. Also set aside as green space and walking trails in the area of children’s playground, tennis courts and basketball courts with equipment such as a date. Began in 2005 on the project was delivered in June 2008.

Uphill Court Ataşehir

Technical Building and Construction in partnership with the West Atasehir Varyap the construction of Uphill Court Project was started in October 2004. Project on an area of 100 thousand square meters 7 blocks, 2 tower, being built in the form. 60 to 400 thousand square meters with large project consisting of 744 apartments, 5 thousand square meter shopping center, guest parking, including underground car park with 90 thousand square meters area and 75 thousand square feet all the green areas and social facilities are made up. Site of 20 apartments and 742 thousand residential block of 12 commercial units has 4 blocks. The 5 unit apartment project in sales and 5 commercial units are located. The price of unsold houses in the range of 691 to 1 million lira change 501, while the commercial units ranging from 6 to 8 million lira is selling prices.


Construction projects realized by Dündar Kozyatağı includes a total of 322 residences. With 190 apartments in the size of Incity project ranges between 365 square meters. About two years ago, construction began on the project began in turn-key this month. Located on an area of 34 thousand square meters Incity’de, 10 thousand 500 square meters in size has Incitymall a shopping center, 2 thousand square meters in size and 19 thousand square meters green area Intherapy Club is located. The price of apartments in a project to 1 million 550 thousand dollars has varied between 265 thousand dollars. Built with smart home technology project, the common wall between apartments on the same floor does not exist.

Selenium Twins

Project construction by Aşçıoğlu in Fulya Besiktas Sports Club was built on the 30 acres of land. Project, 32-story, 240 dwelling residence two blocks, 20-storey business center, 8 thousand 700 square meter market, 17 thousand 500 square meter hypermarket, 60 thousand square meters and 14 floors of the hospital parking lot is made. Size of the circle of Selenium Twins’te ranges between 95 and 575 square meters. The project is currently in the 330 meters with 235 apartments for sale with sizes continues. Prices; 1 million in 400 to 1 million 946 thousand dollars is changing. Construction of the project is completed.


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