EFE Burhaniye REAL ESTATE real estate consultancy and marketing professional in the country to make sense was founded in 1982.institutional


EFE Burhaniye PROPERTY quality and reliable service since the establishment aims to keep always in the foreground.


Open branches in addition to real estate brokerage and to create a common operating points of the main targets of the company.


According to the process of development of the sector ” EFE PROPERTY Burhaniye invest in Address the “slogan serves to benefit all customers.


EFE Burhaniye REAL ESTATE , real estate development sector, and there are studies to become a prestigious profession and industry partners have acquired the knowledge and experience to share their work.




Within the scope of Consulting

  • The distribution of the elements and helpful customer service representative job
  • Regional studies
  • Assessment of supply and demand in terms of customer portfolio
  • Ensure implementation of the immovable property is ready to be marketed
  • Preparation of written and visual marketing proposals
  • Sales and marketing

Within the scope of Consulting

  • Mortgage, servitude, excrete and integration, trade-
  • Sex allocation
  • Grant (forgiveness)
  • Division (sharing)
  • Correction (correction)
  • Application
  • Map and municipalities, regional development plan extraction
  • Land registry and cadastre
  • Inheritance and gift
  • Rental income (rental income from real estate)
  • Real Estate and garbage taxes

Shall be subjected within the scope of tax expertise with our experience we offer our customers a special service package.

Especially for sites studies, among different services. 

Site management

  • Preparation of the General Assembly
  • The management team building etc.

OUR VISION: To be honest, ethical, and serve with the concept of a quality service.

MISSION: Real Estate industry in the world, and the adoption and implementation of the importance of this sector in our country, trained and expert staff to be represented, and as a result, people who gain an unfair disposal of

Best Regards


PROPERTY EFE Burhaniye modern working system and principles of our country, our objective is to adapt to the times the size of both the economic and Real Estate Sector to the next level as one of the major representatives.


When this service, ACCURACY, INTEGRITY and RELIABILITY basic principles.


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