Balikesir Ayvalik district Mithatpaşa District, the deed and the die 55, the island 1142, parcels 1-2-3-4-5 which 275.000m2 around the field with the number and the Flower Island island known as open domestic and foreign tourism to open a tourist facility is required .
Property Status:
All property of the island belongs to the family of two relatives. For the opening of the island’s main settlement was made jointly reference to the mayor. In fact, whether the law should be taken to amalgamate tourism is essential document collection under a deed. In addition, the direction of the island’s land opposite the island and the nearest place with a total land area of 451m2 located on the sheet 123t and destroyed three buildings located thereon is müliyet the same person. Flower Island Transportation:
a) Outreach:
Island against the coast can be reached in two ways. The first way Çanakkale- Izmir State Road in the direction of the Dardanelles while Ayvalik 12km left to Keremköy to deviating accessible beach. The beach is 3.5 km from this junction. The second way is that after 8 km of coast from Ayvalik yoldur.b) transition to the candidates:
A simple pier on the island are available. 2s in the opposite shore island has three piers to be maintained. The island is the closest place to land 230 m. This is the nearest place from 80-100CM depth. Therefore, during the summer for many people to the island on foot pass into the hands of the dress. The normal transition is done by boats and small engines. c) Internal transport:
Currently there is no way any network on the island. Small paths are available. d) Water level:
The island has 4 old wells remain very ancient times. Potable water of the wells are available. Hardness of the water in a well earned that much demand for those who want to melt sand and small stones in the kidney. Apart from the coastal areas to drink, very tasty, with plenty of light and water supply mevcuttur. formerly made), electricity situation:
Still there is no electricity on the island. However, passes across the island from the beach into the sea 800-1000 from high-voltage lines. Electrical requirements are available on this line. f) Sewerage situation:
Because there still is no septic tank or sewage networks settlement on the island. However, the structure of the land is suitable for sewage collection in several septic tank. g) Development status:
Island as it is known, approved 1 / 25,000 scale-Edremit Edremit is to stay out of the coastal areas of the master plan plan not been any decision to place. This is why plans have been made to change aspects. This matter is supplied island on Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs to bring order to the place of the issues stipulated by the legislation, Ministry of Defence, Industry and Trade, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, the State Hydraulic Works and Highways General Directorate with positive of Ayvalik City Council as institutions and organizations views have been taken. h) At present map:
1/1000 scale map of the island already and contractors Ayhan woodcutter to hazırlattırıl have to be approved by the relevant authorities on 07/08/1984. Prepared these maps Balikesir-Ayvalik under the name Flower Island and 25-1, 25-2, which consists of three sheets of 25-3 sheet numbers. i) the topography of the island:
Island in the north and northeast direction inclined to start a very sweet with a variety of beaches from the south and southeast direction to the rising and settling has a very favorable terrain. The highest point of the island, the sea is 22 m high. Island west, north and northeast of the lost altitude suddenly and contrary to the other side of the sea is surrounded by a steeply descending slope. North elevation of the land remaining in the south and southeast area and beaches remain the northeastern wind. The island’s northeast has carved rocks in ancient times made the sea baths. j) the island’s vegetation:
The island is covered with various types of trees are not very frequent. Due to the presence of the flowers on the island regarded as the island’s name edilmiştir.k Flower Island) Establishment considered tourist resort: it will be the property tourist resorts.
Plants, “tourism investment and business qualifications, the regulation” is located in the section dealing with resorts in the (input facilities management, overnight units, restaurant, kitchen, children’s playground, entertainment, sports and recreational facilities, landscape corners, sidewalks, outlets staff units, such as service and maintenance units) will consist of service units.
The same regulations in place in the beach resort (sea jump places – swimming place for swimmers, lifeguards, engine stop float, equipment and storage room for water sports, sunbathing areas and equipment, relaxation terraces, shower. Mayor displacement) as well as plant and equipment will be found.
In need of parking facilities in the coastal island against the property owner will be organized in the lands belonging to the island. Will be organized with this small beachfront parking concierge desk to answer the first application of future guests will allow them contact their candidates. The establishment of an island resort getirecektir.l here certainly have a beauty) Plant capacity:
Island opened for tourism purposes will be achieved by housing beds.
Island area is approximately 260.000m2 after exiting beaches. As a result of section 85 m2 area per bed resorts envisaged in this area to obtain a maximum capacity of 3,000 beds. m) Result:
-A Tourist facilities of water, electricity, septic tank is available as a part of the infrastructure requirements can be provided for some easy cases.
-Transportation Is available.
-Topografik Structure is suitable placement.
-Crop Cover is nice and relaxing.
The property is owned by two related families in -Al want all this planning is an important convenience.
-Ayvalık Terms of promoting tourism is among the priority regions.

* Price: 50,000,000 USD (Built area: 131.57 USD / m2) (Land / Land area: 50 USD / m2)


Acres Island Oliver Island for Sale Ayvalik 50000000 Million Dollar Seaside Development Limited to Use Study Area Construction Made Approximate Cost 1000 Houses Acres Net Position in the Special Area Between Olive Tree House Done Investment Island for Sale in Camp Walkable Sea Coast 50000000 Million Dollars ..
* Price: 50,000,000 USD (Built area: 131.57 USD / m2) (Land / Lot area: 50 USD / m2)

great Land

Workspace Use Construction Limited for sale Ayvalik 50000000 Million Dollar sea-side Development acre island Olive Island Camp walkable Sea Coast 50000000 Million Dollars For Olive Tree House Done in Investment Island Special Area Approximate Cost 1000 Home Acres Net Position is made ..

* Price: 50,000,000 USD (Built area: 131.57 USD / m2) (Land / Land area: 50 USD / m2)


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