Directed & Conceived by Gulsha Begum……………………;


Global Peace Mission is a mystical journey initiated by Gulsha Begum.The aim of the Global Peace Mission is to collaborate with various organizations in different states and propogate the message of peace of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty.

In a world with conflict and discord, the mission towards promoting peace, tolerance and harmony is to reflect on the teachings of the sufi saint by implementing moral, ethical values with a deep spiritual foundation

After the grand success of the annual International Sufi Festival in Ajmer and Noida, Gulsha Begum has initiated the Global Peace Mission with Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Educational Trust in collaboration with World Peace Development & Research Foundation

In the past centuries Ajmer is been the most significant point spiritually and politically  in India. Geographically it was the heart of India. There could, therefore be no other suitable place to begin a global mission and to pilot the peace movement worldwide.

In short, a ideal center from every point of view to conduct the toughest encounters between the forces of materialism and spiritualism the world has ever witnessed without recourse to any kind of armed conflict, pressure or constraint.

We are living through a time of uniquely contradictory trend. In fact we have less immediate threat, for a Third World War, but much more insecurity locally and nationally. We are increasingly concerned with growing social tension and conflict, environmental crises which are looming on the horizon.

More and more individuals and organisations are more interested to propagate peace on the world forum. When there is a immediate challenge breeding within their own democratic country. If each of us aim at simply conversing or presiding on international forums how can peace be achieved.


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